Coca Cola was a main advertiser on the USA Network series and acquired the international rights to the YOUTHQUAKE Series, placing the show on Super Channel Europe. This was the entry of the soft drink manufacture as a major corporation advertising on the pan-European cable network.​

Columbia Pictures

Colombia pictures facilitated several in program and on location promotions to tie-in with their movie releases with appeal to a teen demographic. In show content including ongoing segments with film stars featured touring with the YOUTHQUAKE show, fan meet and greet events and more.​


Kellogg’s was an ongoing promotional partner for the series. YOUTHQUAKE created several ongoing in show promotional segments that combined content shot on location with music stars, fans and featured product.​

Oxy Acne Solutions

The YOUTHQUAKE series created an exciting in show promotion and support segments, “The OXY 5 Perfect Prom Sweepsteaks”. YOUTHQUAKE developed a series of segments which included content about proms and facilitated an in show contest where viewers could win an all-expense paid prom experience from Oxy 5.​

Warner Brosthers Records

Ongoing in show content was created for the popular YOUTHQUAKE “Top Volume” segment featuring Warner Brothers musical artists both well-known and breaking-in unique segments which also included tour and music release information.​


The YOUTHQUAKE series created a unique, ongoing in show feature “The Pop Tarts Tour Report”. YOUTHQUAKE went on tour with popular music artists and created content for the segment that included behind the scenes footage and in market meet and greet promotions with fans which also featured the Pop Tart product and signage .​

Hot Shot

Milton Bradley teamed up with YOUTHQUAKE to promote their popular Hot Shot Basketball Game. A

special in show tournament was created where music stars and celebrities competed against each other

in a weekly mini-segment refereed by YOUTHQUAKE host /producer Jennifer. In show billboards were also



Noxzema partnered with YOUTHQUAKE to create special in show content to raise awareness and promote the “Noxzema Most Extraordinary Teen Awards”. YOUTHQUAKE host /producer Jennifer teamed up with Luke Perry, Gabriella Carteris, Miss America and others to participate in the awards and created a special edition of YOUTHQUAKE about the awards and the extraordinary teens that were selected .​


Polygram records teamed up with YOUTHQUAKE for a groundbreaking initiative “The Peace In Our Time Tour” . Ongoing, on location promotions and show content was built around the first Russian rock band to sign a US record deal, “Gorky Park” . Content included messaging about world peace, teen drug addiction and was designed to educate young people about world history. The band and YOUTHQUAKE toured the country from coast to coast visiting high schools and malls facilitating concerts and speaking forums with teens which was then turned into weekly segments on the show.​

Far beyond the traditional advertising model, YOUTHQUAKE was way ahead of its time being one of the first TV shows to provide sponsors with the opportunity to interact with the growing demographic of the tween/teen adult market by providing in show content centered around actual sponsorship activation through promotions that brought the brands and the viewers face to face. Popular brands in increasing numbers signed on to be a part of a first of its kind, truly interactive sponsorship model, such as: Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Proctor & Gamble, Warner Brothers and many others.


YOUTHQUAKE also had ongoing cross promotional relationships with radio stations, music artists, entertainers, TV shows, amusement parks, movie theaters, film companies, concert venues and more providing them with a unique and highly effective way to promote their assets to the valuable teen/young adult demographic while creating exciting experiences and content for viewers.​


Eastpack was an ongoing promotional support partner on the YOUTHQUAKE show for the series entire run on USA Network.​

Six Flags

The Six Flags corporation facilitated a long term promotional partnership with YOUTHQUAKE which included shows originating from the majority of the parks, features on new attraction and on-location celebrity meet and greets , promotions for park attendees to paper on the show.​


The YOUTHQUAKE series created an exciting in show promotion and support segments “Finesse Your Prom”. YOUTHQUAKE developed a series of segments which included content about proms and facilitated in show promotions to promote Finesse hair care products in conjunction with prom season.​