YOUTHQUAKE focuses on the lifestyles of teens. It is produced by young people for young people. The content selection for each show is generated by the teens watching the show. Shot entirely on location, the YOUTHQUAKE tour bus travels the world featuring a cross section of youth. Fifty-two half hour shows a year combined a fast-paced variety of segments and provided a forum for young people to express themselves on a worldwide platform. A high energy mix of hot topics, hot trends, hot button issues and celebrities were packed into each show.​


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Behind the scenes with some of the most popular music stars on tour, often times taking young YOUTHQUAKE viewers along for the ride to meet and greet their favorite musicians. A favorite of both the viewers and musicians alike, this is no ordinary segment… anything can happen. Reoccurring celebrity appearances with ongoing storylines allows viewers to follow their faves, providing a hook that reels them in. Some of the artists featured include:​

Pearl Jam



Will Smith ( Fresh Prince)


Queen Latifah

Mark Wahlberg​

Danny Wood / NKOTB

Phil Collins (Genesis)

Paula Abdul

Donny Osmond 

New Edition / Johnny Gill


This critically acclaimed segment is the essence and hallmark of YOUTHQUAKE. Always ground breaking and hard hitting, subject matter selected by teens presents a real world, raw and honest look at issues effecting teens. A diverse juxtaposition of young people’s lives, experiences and universal struggles are the heart and soul of this segment. Some of the features on issues include:​

Teens With Aids

Homeless Teens

Condoms in School

World Peace

Organ Donation

LGBT Teens

Teen Drug Addiction

Growing Up in the Ghetto


School/Teen Violence

Gang Life

Teens at War


Travel the world making pit stops from Paris, Texas to Paris, France. See what teens are wearing, saying, thinking, listening to, where they hang out and what’s up in their town or their school. Some of the most popular RR segment stops featured on the show include:​

Homecoming Texas H.S. Football

Prom Madness

Salem Mass H.S.

Daytona Spring Break

Belgium High

Santa Clara High School

Dorchester Youth Center

Hollywood High​

Holland H.S

Plymouth High


Being young is universal. YOUTHQUAKE travels the world and highlights teen pop culture around the globe. What do teens in Moscow have in common with teens in Memphis? Teens around the world connect on issues, entertainment and lifestyles in this popular segment which has included:​

Gorky Park/Peace in Our Time

McDonalds Russia

Amsterdam Legalized Pot​

Russia Golden Arches

Rotterdam Teen Life 

St. Petersberg Russia Friends & Enemies

Russian Dorm Decor

Holland Teen Night Life

Berlin Sight Seeing with NKOTB

European Clean Needle Exchange


Real teens, real opinions, real attitudes about real life. This YOUTHQUAKE segment provides a platform and forum empowering teens to express themselves on a variety of cultural and social topics. Not staged, scripted or styled, these are real kids debating issues that are important to them. Some of the Quake Debate segment topics include:​


Gulf War 

Political Differences

Attitudes on AIDS




Peer Pressure

Legalization of Drugs


Fast paced, quick vignettes feature teens from around the world weighing in on a wide variety of subjects from the serious to the silly, celebrities also featured.  Some Word segment topics include:​


Gun Control


How To Get a Date

Rodney King

Presidential Election

Horrible Things Your Parents Wear

​What Parents Don’t Understand

Freshman Advice

Pay to Play


One of the most popular segments of the show. Nothing like answering your fan mail in person! In this segment YOUTHQUAKE'S popular host Jennifer and the entire production crew spontaneously shows up at viewers houses around the world to answer their letters in person, engage in viewer suggested activities and introduce viewers to their favorite celebrities. Highlights include:​

Holland Fans & Raw Fish

Viewer Mail at Sonic

Viewer Mail at the Grocery Store​

Viewer Mail House Cleaning

NYC Chick Mature Mail

Brooklyn Family Dinner​

NKOTB Europe Danny Wood and Fans

San Francisco Coaster Craziness


YOUTHQUAKE  goes on tour with the most popular music artists and takes viewers along to see what goes on behind the scenes.  Viewers are featured on the show in this popular fun filled segment. Segments include:​


​Tommy Page


Blue Lagoon Movie

New Kids On The Block

​Mark Wahlberg

Gorkey Park

Vanity Kills